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The natural healing center Steaua Divina, Iasi, offers medical consultations and professional treatments. Our staff is made of doctors with competence in natural therapies: fitotherapy, apitherapy, dietotherapy, disintoxication, Ayurveda-the science of life, sexology, reflexotherapy, cromotherapy, aromatherapy, biotherapy, therapeutic massage, psycho-somatic exercises, Yoga. The ultramodern bioresonance device is used for diagnosis and treatments at our center. Read more Continuare

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Our address in Bucuresti is Blvd Dimitrie Pompei 3-5, sect.2, Bucuresti, Romania; our address in Iasi is 10 General Berthelot Street (near Spitalul de Urgenta), Iasi, Romania. To set an appointment please call us using 021/2331950 for Bucuresti; for Iasi please use 0232/248604. You can also contact us by email by filling in the form below. Read more Continuare


What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is an advanced diagnosis and therapeutic method which has been recently implemented as being part of the medical investigation techniques:- diagnosis is performed by means of some ultra-new devices for gathering information in a non-linear system;- the treatment through accurate energetic and bio-informational correction (Meta Therapy) makes use of laser systemsThis method is currently being used in cosmonautics, on space ships.How does the bioresonance device gather and record information? This modern bioresonance device records the bioelectromagnetic parameters of the human body and facilitates the assessment of the state of health in a very short period of time, usually 20 to 30 minutes.The gathering and recording of information is non-invasive and completely free of side effects. The only contraindications are the pregnancy period and the wearing of cardiac stimulators of the pacemaker type. While the device is scanning, the pacient should not wear or hold next to the body any electromagnetic field generators (like mobile phones, for instance) and must be seated at a distance of at least 50-100 cm from the persons accompanying him/her. The recording does not require the fulfillment of any preconditions (the pacient may eat at any time before the recording, water intake is not compulsory, bowel evacuation procedures are not necessary, no contrasting chemical substances are used).The patient can watch the whole recording process on a computer screen connected to the device and can thus get a personal idea about his/her overall state of health.Upon the completion of the recording process the patient shall receive the list of spectral similarities and the medical conclusions drawn by our experienced medical staff. What is analysed by means of the bioresonance device? The analysis of the patient’s state of health is done by the scanning of the bioelectromagnetic structures of the whole body: 5 cm large transverse sections of the head and body, sagital, antero-posterior sections of the trunk and pelvis, followed by the scanning of each internal organ: oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver, gall bladder, nose and pharynx, larynx, bronchial ways, lungs, heart, large blood vessels, coronary blood stream, cerebral blood stream, kidneys, bladder, prostate, uterus, ovaries, the glands: epiphysis, hypophysis, thyroid, para-thyroid, thymus, adrenal, ovaries or testicles, central nervous system: cerebral hemispheres, spine medulla, spinal nerves, analysers, bone system, joints, etc. Each organ is investigated in a complex manner, being analysed even at tissular and cellular levels. The device detects the presence of microorganisms: bacteriae, viruses, fungi, helminths, and also performs blood tests without the necessity of any biological samples.All information is saved into the computer and it can later be accessed and compared to new recordings performed during various additional visits to the doctor during the treatment period. Bioresonance is an efficient method of diagnosis, therapy and prevention The tendencies of the human body towards certain diseases may be detected by measuring enthropy. This method thus provides the possibility to discover in advance the diseases that will develop in one’s body in the future if adequate steps for eliminating causes and for efficient reestablishment of health are not being taken.In the case of already existing diseases, there is the possibility of tracing the degree of harm and imballance suffered by a certain organ, as well as the process of remission until complete cure is accomplished.For people who know that they are and consider themselves to be in good health, such an investigation is necessary but enough once a year. For persons with multiple diseases, regular investigations once in two months are highly recommended until complete recovery of perfect health. What else does the medical investigation involve? Besides the scanning with the bioresonance device, the medical investigation also involves medical anamnesis, clinical investigation of the patient, prescription of adequate therapy for the next 1-2 months, diet prescriptions for curing the diseases that were detected during the investigation, and other cure or prevention methods. In case the necessity of performing more detailed investigations becomes obvious, as well as for confirmation of the diagnostic, if needed, our medical staff makes recommendations for visiting the specialised hospital units.This confirmation of diagnosis is sometimes requested by the more skeptical patients and, to their surprise, our diagnostics have been confirmed at a rate of 95 % by means of classical methods.